Fábio Barbosa


“How do I start?” I would say that paying attention, indeed, cultivating your attention, is key. If you don’t already, start meditating. Do the basic mindfulness exercise of being aware of your breathing, of your forehead, between your eyes, or wherever comes easiest for you. With time, you might want to add some questions to […]

I often ask myself what is it that makes Druidry what it is. Or rather, what makes Neo-Druidry such a different path from others, especially considering the many influences it shares with other currents of spirituality. Setting aside for a moment the seminal divide between Revival Druidry and Reconstructionist and/or Polytheist Druidry, which I personally […]

There is no way around it… But through. As the days become shorter to give way to wintery darkness, I feel, rather, I know some deep change is about to happen. So did my ancestors, as they harvested the last of the crops and faced the big Unknown of the cold season. Whatever the three […]

“Are you a Druid?” I was taken aback by the question, an unlikely side dish to my breakfast at the guest house that morning. It was my first time in Britain, a trip I had been dreaming of since I was a child. I was staying at this little town somewhere in Wiltshire, and the […]

These first days of February, I have been reflecting about the nature of this season in which many different world cultures seem to celebrate the same process of moving from darkness to light, from cold to warmth, from wintery rest to busy Spring. The promise of blossoming life. A promise, we are told in Celtic […]