Fábio Barbosa


heed the call of the Mother
– it is the call of the waters
the waters of a hopeful womb
the waters of thunder and hail

heed the voice of the Mother
– it is a voice of sparkling flames
flames of passion and inspiration
flames of metal being forged into gold

heed the whisper of the Mother
– it is the whisper of the winds
they move within us
they proceed beyond and despite us

the Mother is in pain
can you not hear?

from her came all blood and the sap of trees
their branches and irreparable wounds
their rings of fire the circles of life and death

Wisdom and Chaos
Wisdom from Chaos.

heed the call of the Mother
– it is the urgent call of the Abyss

lay down the shards of your old skin
as thick as your obliviousness
as thick as your darkness

the Serpent’s path is clear again
– follow it with your whole body
follow your whole body through the wet ground

may the Earth devour your memories of false idols
may it render you as nameless as the ewe
born today slaughtered tomorrow

for the Mother is in pain
from hers all pain shall make the world anew

Wisdom and Chaos
Wisdom born out of Chaos.